NOTE: To ensure best performance, we recommend you run the study in full screen mode.

You will first be presented with a trial set of 10 questions which will include tasks similar to the ones you will need to perform in the actual study.
For the trial set, you will be provided with explicit instructions on how to interact with the visual element. You will have to use the same techniques in the actual study following the trial.
If you answer one or more questions in the trial wrong by a very large margin, you will be asked to repeat the trial.
For each question, you will have a shadow/gray element indicating your starting value/position. This is for your reference and will be provided in both the trial and the actual question set.

For the trial set only, after completing each question, you will get a screen indicating your response in blue and the expected response in green.

Kindly DO NOT refresh the page during the session. If you wish to restart the study, you should go to or use the "Restart the study" button on each question and start a new session to ensure your logs are recorded correctly. You WILL NOT be paid unless we have a complete set of logs for your email address.

Perform the required interaction for each question in order to progress to the next one.
Click "Start" to begin the trial set.

Thank you for completing the trial.

Begin the actual study.

Sorry, your answers were very inaccurate for one or more questions. Please refresh the page to restart the questionnaire.